Documentary Film | 75 Min. | Austria/Turkey 2017

with Hedil, Ismael, Mayk, Kheri, Eween
Naam, Saad, Maks, Fahed, Waed, Suhayep
and Wahida, Delwin, Pakiza, Leila and many others...

Idea Helin Celik
Directed by Helin Celik, Martin Klingenböck
Produced by Martin Klingenböck, Helin Celik
Cinematography Martin Klingenböck, Deniz Blazeg
Dramaturgy & Editing Ascan Breuer, Dokumentarisches Labor
Dramaturgical Advice by Dieter Pichler
Sound Design Roumen Dimitrov, Adriana Milanova
Music, Sound Mixing Roumen Dimitrov
Translation Ibrahim Abbas, Hayfa Kahraman, Delras Permous
German Subtitles Ascan Breuer, Martin Klingenböck, Stefania Schenk Vitale
English Subtitles Stefania Schenk Vitale, Helin Celik
Post Production Assistants Armin Kirchner, Berta Güerre, Simone Hart, Julia Schmidt
Color Grading Daniel Hollerweger
Retouching / VFX Micha Elias Pichlkastner
Graphic Design David Einwaller
DCP Authoring Johannes Gierlinger
Production Company Klingenböck Filmproduktion

Supported by:
Bundeskanzleramt Österreich
Zukunftsfonds der Republik Österreich
Land Niederösterreich
Österreichische HochschülerInnenschaft
Fakultäts-, Zentrums- und Studienvertretungen der Universität Wien
Gemeinde Wieselburg-Land
Die Grünen - Die Grüne Alternative Bundespartei

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Ⓒ Martin Klingenböck Filmproduktion

"Time in motion... as everything else in fear and worry. The fear is embracing the invisible hands of hope and the worry is letting the wind in, to take an unforgettable step towards roads of change. The change that came with the wind is uncaging the oceans of beauty. To a secure zone, in a tired rush…"

Despite having lost everything, the Yazidi women Hedil and Naam are struggling for a humane life for their families. In the Yazidi massacre by the terrorist organisation "Islamic State" they were forced to leave their homeland and have finally found protection in a refugee camp. Their situation seems hopeless, stuck between the dictatorship of ISIS and their dream destination: Europe.

"What the wind took away" is a deeply poetic approach to the very personal stories of these Yazidi women and a lyrical journey through their everyday lives in the refugee camp.